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KNOCKIN'DEAD is a mix between survival horror and a typical management game. The player's mission is all about managing four survivors trapped together inside, in the middle of an undead invasion.
Take the right decisions in a restricted time so the characters can complete their goals before the doors give way and the (un)dead get in... That's the challenge KNOCKIN'DEAD offers!

Platform: PC
Genre: Survivor management
Gameplay type: Point'n Click
Target: 16+ core gamers / horror fans

A prototype of the game, using the Ogre3D render engine, was developed by the Walls May Pulse! partnership as a graduating project for the french school SUPINFOGAME. It is now available for free as a digital download.
For more information, feel free to contact us at the following address:


Walls May Pulse!

Walls May Pulse! was a seven students team that graduated in 2009 from SUPINFOGAME, a Game Design & Project Management school based in northern France.
- Pierre CHOFFET: Technical Director, Game Designer, Technical Designer & Game Programmer.
- Sofian DAHMANI: Outsourcing Manager, Game Designer, Level Builder, Technical Artist.
- Arnaud DAVID: Project Manager, Art Director, Story Writer, 2D Artist.
- Vincent DELAGE: Playtest Manager, Game Designer, Sound Designer.
- Yoan HERNALESTEEN: Camera Director, Game Designer, Story Writer, Level Builder.
- Edouard IMBERT: Lead Game Designer, Main Story Writer, 2D Artist.
- Aurèle TOUSSAINT: Lead Level Designer/Builder, Game Designer.

External Team
3D Artists: Marion AUDEFRAY, Gilles BRINKHUIZEN, Irvin DOS REIS, Guillaume HABANS, Loïc LE GOFF, Christophe LE HAY,
Erwan NAUDIN, Redouane NIATI.
Animators: Gabrielle LISSOT, Erwan NAUDIN, Lena SCHNEIDER, Florence VERT, Simon WASSELIN.
Music Composers: Pierre GAUDILLERE, Vincent VILLAUME.
Concept Artists: Remi GALLET, Dong WU.
Photographer: Fanny UFERAS-CASPARY.



Distinction from the jury
Graduation project, 2008/2009

Awarded game project
SACD multimedia contest, 2009

"Simple & innovative gameplay"
Jean-Philippe MOTTIER
Ubisoft World Studios

"Very good, audacious prototype"
Marco MELE
Arkane Studios

"High potential, very entertaining"
Ankama Games


Walls May Pulse!
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